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Broom Swept Cleaning


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Our Services

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Post Construction Detailing

We provide professional cleaning service to you and your clients in order to deliver each property free of debris and dust. We prepare every square inch of the building and nothing is left unwashed. Along with the removal of construction debris, we also pay close attention to fine detail to ensure that the results are satisfactory. We work closely with General Contractors and Affiliated Agents, as well as subcontractors, in order to provide and deliver in a timely manner, without any inconvenience to our customers. You won't be disappointed!

Luxury Tile Flooring

We strip tile of factory wax after installation and clean debris, paint, plaster, and any other dirt left behind by construction. The tile is then washed and waxed to the customer's satisfaction. 

Carpet Cleaning Services

We vacuum and clean carpets after professionals install.

Window Washing / Cleaning

Windows are stripped of applied stickers and debris. They are washed inside and out, including casement and sills. 

Commercial Cleaning

Every square foot of the commercial building will be reviewed and a plan of action will be discussed with a general contractor.  After our plan is in place we are sure to follow each part in order to ensure that every inch is exactly as requested. We can accommodate up to three separate post construction cleanings depending on the contractors needs. 

Clean Rooms

Every room is detailed top to bottom. All woodwork is vacuumed and washed with Murphy's Oil Soap, and delivered dust-free. 

Emergency Cleaning

If you are in need of cleaning after an emergency situation we will accommodate according to the clients needs. Please call for more information!

Residential Cleaning

We work closely with your Contractor and Real Estate Agent in order to deliver your new home free of all construction debris and dust. Unpack to a freshly-detailed home!

We also accommodate weekly, bi-weekly, and special occasion cleanings. 

Punch List

Because we are on-site and view every square inch of the facility, it is easy for our employees to see mistakes. We are able to compile a punch list to the contractor if anything was missed or skipped during the building process. We can visualize plaster, paint and other mishaps. We tape these areas and the General Contractor or owner is notified and it would be up to them to determine the fixing factors if need be. 

Other Services

Browse our services below

Estate Clean Outs

 Each individual estate is handled per the client's needs. Each estate has  very distinct needs and each one is handled with precise planning, in order to achieve a common goal .  

Post construction cleaning 

We work closely with general contractors, builders, and real estate agents to meet all deadlines. 

Every scare inch of the property is delivered dust-free and cleaned.

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

Cleanings scheduled to your needs.

Special occasions 

Cleanings before, or after, a holiday, party, visitors ect... this is a tailored to-you cleaning.

Sold or rented properties

If you have a vacant property that you need to sell, or rent out, we will be happy to come and try to save you money on painters, new flooring, or other cosmetic work. 


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